Dark Undertone Tattoo Sleeve  - Pair

Dark Undertone Tattoo Sleeve - Pair

SKU: TS0001

A pair of Dark undertone tattoo sleeve for dark complexions. 


    The material is delicate. Do not pul agressively on the product. Do not wear the product everyday to prrvent longer life of the product. This product does not fit very muscular over average sized body building arms. For the full affect of the sleeves looking real wear under a t-shirt and place a watch or bracelet on both arms to camofloge the ends. 


    All products are shipped unopened and quality checked. Returns are only accepted for undamaged items. Shipping is the resonsibility of the customer. Becasue this product is an accessory we cannot accept returns on worn products. After a period of  3 - 5 days returns cannot be accepted. 

Color: Dark Undertone


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